The Apulia Film Commission Foundation was established in 2007 with the aim of attracting audiovisual production companies to the area. The Foundation supports and co-ordinates all links in the film and audiovisual production chain with its three funding programmes, the Apulia National Film Fund, the Apulia International Film Fund and Hospitality Funding. It also promotes the development of film culture in the region and supports the audiovisual industry through the centre for study, learning and research on film and audiovisual prodution, established to encourage training, networking and the promotion of film studies in collaboration with local universities and institutions.

Five years since it was set up and with over 160 productions already supported, the Apulia Film Commission Foundation is now increasing its funding programme for film production companies shooting in Apulia. The AFC Foundation launched during Cannes Film Festival 2012 its new international fund in support of foreign film productions, the Apulia International Film Fund, a new grant aimed exclusively towards international productions filming in Apulia. This is a direct financial support in the form of a free grant to cover the costs of production for European and non-European audiovisual, film and TV production companies presenting projects for full-length fiction films, TV films and TV series. Funding is available for European and non-European audiovisual, film and TV productions with an executive Italian production company or with a minority Italian co-production company.

Rendez-Vous worked on the launch of Apulia International Film Fund at Cannes Film Festival.